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EDUCATION DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION is a not for profit educational institution and a registered charity in England and Wales with a vision to educate, enlighten and empower the next generation for a better tomorrow. We believe that Education is key to resolve many problems we face in this modern world today, may it be poverty, corruption, violence, crime, antisocial activities to name a few. Education in true sense should help spread the light of knowledge and facilitate moral, ethical, and intellectual development leading to learning of effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and understanding the importance of values of life like respect, dignity and integrity. Education is effective when delivered in an interactive, creative, interesting and innovative way. Emphasis should not just be on gaining formal education but it should result in gaining knowledge, intellect and ability to face the challenges of life effectively. This will in turn help develop positive behavioural pattern and effective life-skills. Our wide range of programmes promotes our ethos of ‘Education for All’. Our programmes for personal excellence and professional enhancements have proved that providing opportunities for self-transformation leads to an improved understanding of own self and beyond. Our programmes proficiently complement the prevailing education system, preparing the next generation for the demands of the 21st century and provides youth and professionals to gear up for the opportunities available owing to globalisation.

Our intention is to make a difference in the field of Complementary Education by contributing through a variety of Learning & Development initiatives. One such initiative is the founding of a division for Professional Certification Programmes. We focus on offering high-quality and affordable programmes that lead towards Professional Certifications. We have a wide range of qualifications available to learners who are at different levels in terms of their ability. Our programmes are developed by a team of experts that understands the practical requirements of the gloablised environment of the 21st Century as well as the standards for UK and European Frameworks for educational qualifications. For further information please click here.

Out of all the professions, it is the Education Professionals who stand out for their remarkable contribution to the society with their passion,devotion and dedication. This noble profession plays a vital role in shaping the world. To teach is to touch lives forever... Read More

PPE is an enhancement programme for personal and professional development of those who have a desire to learn, ability to realise their worth and willingness to transform themselves for a better tomorrow by unleashing their potential

Programme For Teachers Programme For Youth

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