Programme For Youth

We believe, youth has immense potential and power to make a difference. They can bring along a fresh wave of ideas, a new way of thinking and a mass transformation paving the way to change for good.
Hence, we have developed the personal enhancement programme for youth to help them:-

  • understand the importance of goal setting
  • rediscover the values of life
  • recognise opportunities
  • realise their strengths
  • unleash their potential
  • appreciate their talent
  • positively face the challenges of life
  • develop self-esteem and confidence

Today’s youth have immense potential and talent. We should support, encourage and empower them to make a difference for a better and brighter tomorrow.
This programme is available for aspiring youth and the programme include topics like
Goal setting, Motivational theory, Body language, Emotional intelligence, Assertive behaviour, Effective communication, Collaboration, Radiant thinking, Presentation skills, Public Speaking, Negotiation & Influencing skills, Time Management and Interview skills.

The programme has 3 levels

  • Introduction (concept awareness level)
  • Foundation (intermediate level)
  • Advanced (practitioner level)

(Depending on the level, number of attendees and duration of the session, energisers and group activities are included to help enhance the understanding of the various topics covered in the programme and also giving opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios).

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