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In Education Development Foundation, we recognise the role that the teaching community plays in educating and enlightening the generations to come. Hence, we at Education Development Foundation have developed a Professional Enhancement Programme for Education Professionals which will benefit them in their personal and professional development.

This programme is available to

–          Teachers/Head Teachers (primary & secondary schools)
–          Private Tutors

This programme is designed to meet the requirements and challenges that school teacher encounters in their day to day professional life.

The programme helps them to

  • Recognise the important role they play in shaping the future generations.
  • Become aware of various models and technique available to them for effective classroom management.
  • Apply relevant resources and knowledge so that they can perform to the best of their professional and personal ability leading to professional excellence and sustainable growth.

The programme is delivered in the form of interactive workshops and seminars and it usually covers topics like:

Vision and Values, Motivational strategies and Theory of Need, Emotional Intelligence, Workload Management, Effective Communication, Strategies for effective delivery (learning preferences, learning models, creative and innovative approach, conducive learning zones), Performance Management, Self Assessment and Feedback techniques, Lessons Learned and importance of continuous professional development.

Depending on the background and experience of the delegates, the programme has 3 levels

  • Introduction (concept awareness level)
  • Foundation (intermediate level)
  • Advanced (practitioner level)

(Depending on the level, number of attendees and duration of the session, energisers and group activities are included to help enhance the understanding of the various topics covered in the programme and also giving opportunity to discuss real-life scenarios).

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