Workshops for School Children

Workshops for School Children

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An Awareness Workshop was organised and sponsored for Year six students of Kensington Primary School, Manor Park, London where Awareness Ambassadors through various interactive activities raised the awareness of the impacts of crime and highlighted the importance of refraining from criminal and anti social activities that can impact their life, family ant community at large.

We believe that knowledge is power and by sharing knowledge and awareness we can build a society where everyone cares and respects each other which is fundamental for peaceful co-existence and succession.

With the help of a group of young ambassadors stirred by the antisocial issues where youngsters are involved not by choice but by ignorance, Education Development Foundation have decided to share their knowledge to raise awareness against the anti social activities and there consequences.

These educational and awareness workshops for primary school children are interactive session designed usually for an hour where Awareness Ambassadors discuss about various socio-economic topics.

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