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We believe that Education is key to resolve many problems we face in this modern world today, may it  be poverty, corruption, antisocial activities to name a few. Education in true sense should help spread the light of knowledge and facilitate moral, ethical, and intellectual development leading to learning of effective interpersonal and intrapersonal skills and understanding the importance of values of life like respect, dignity and integrity.

Education Development Foundation recognises that early years of child development is crucial as it is when the foundation is laid which establishes how the child develops their thought process and perception of the world around them. What a child becomes is very much dependent on what the child learns in their formative years of life. Hence, the role played by teachers and carers in the primary years of children’s learning plays a big part in shaping tomorrow’s world. So our aim is to contribute towards the professional and personal development of those who are actively involved and engaged in imparting education to children in their early years of life so that the children can get the most and the best from whom they gather the knowledge of life that prepares them for future challenges and makes them a better, adaptable and rational human being.

We think education should be accessible and available to one and all including financially challenged children who are not privileged enough to afford or access such facilities. Education can eradicate ignorance which is one of the root causes of various socio-economic problems today. In developed world, much emphasis is put on education and researches which has resulted in high quality of education paving the way for intellectual growth and advancement in standard of living.

Education is effective when delivered in an interactive, creative and innovative way. Emphasis should not just be on gaining formal education but it should result in gaining knowledge, intellect and ability to face the challenges of life effectively. This will in turn help develop positive behavioural pattern and effective life-skills.

Education, in real sense, should help in 

  • Realisation of inner potentials and strengths
  • Appreciation of the value of knowledge and learning
  • Understanding the art of self help and self management
  • Awareness of the surroundings and the world beyond
  • Recognising one’s own worth and capability
  • Assessing situations and seeing the bigger picture
  • Adapting to changes adequately and effectively

Education Development Foundation which has been founded by Anita and Jay Mukherjee who are working to spread the light of knowledge and providing social welfare through education in order to achieve the vision of true education for all.

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