• PPET & PPEY Programme
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    PPET – Education Development Foundation had developed Programme for Professional Enhancement for teaching professionals (PPET). This programme was delivered in the form of interactive workshops at an educational institution in New Delhi, India. PPEY – Education Development Foundation had developed Programme for Personal Enhancement (PPEY) for young students, youth seeking employment or even for those…

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  • Excursion
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    <br><br>Excursion to Alipore Zoological Gardens was organised for a school in the suburbs of Kolkata during Dec 2010 where the underprivileged children belong to fishermen community and are the first generation learners. Free lunch was also arranged for the children, teachers and volunteers.

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  • Advanced Professional Enhancement Programme for Teachers
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    Following on from the PPET 1 sessions held at Nabapally in Q2 2011 for teachers, advanced session of PPET 2 was delivered focussing on their professional development so that they can perform their duties effectively and proficiently. With the delivery of the second part of the programme they had learnt about ways to teach creatively and…

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  • Community Development Workshop
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      Community Development Workshop was organised for the aspiring youth who willingly volunteered to become ‘awareness ambassador’ and take part in various community development projects involving education, health and environment of the village and adjoining villages of Ghutiari Shariff so that they can contribute to the social welfare of the community helping their own community…

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  • Free Vocational Training
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    <br><br> Considering that the unemployed youth of the villages are drawn into antisocial activities due to lack of occupation or non-availability of skills development opportunity, a free Mobile Phone Repairing course was organised at Nabapally in Q4 2011 in association with a renowned and leading training academy, Lalani Computer Academy (LCA). This programme was successfully completed…

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